Little Lights and FLOC: How Did They Do It?

You probably have heard by now that Little Lights Urban Ministries, a small nonprofit based out of southeast DC, and For Love of Children (FLOC) rocked the Grand Awards categories on Give to the Max Day.

And just like you, we were curious as to how they did it. Well, we stopped by their office yesterday, presented them with their $25,000 check, and asked them that very question.

Little Lights Urban Ministries

LLUM won the Grand Award for Most Donors ($25,000) along with the Entrepreneurial award ($10,000) and six Golden Ticket hours (at $1,000 each) raising almost $80,000 in just 24 hours! Impressive is the word to describe what they did, so we had to ask how the heck they managed to do it.

Here’s what Steve Park (executive director) and Jonny Moy (fellow) had to say:


  • Social media outreach was biggest factor in winning the awards
  • Focused mostly on Facebook (over Twitter) for donor outreach because had higher return
  • Friends shared, and this helped flood news feeds across different networks with links to their fundraiser
  • Had a good email list beforehand and had already been communicating with their supporters this way
  • Emailed their supporters 2 weeks before the event

For Love of Children

FLOC took the lead in the Grand Award for Most Donations ($25,000) on Give to the Max Day. We also stopped by their office yesterday with the check and asked the same question.

Tim Payne (executive director) and Andrea Messina (development director) told us how they reached out to their supporters:


  • Continuous communications through all networks (e.g. social, e-newsletter, etc.)
  • People they reached out to were already familiar with FLOC
  • Mixed between personal outreach (to inspired donors that could help with big donations) along with a general outreach to their supporters for smaller donations

Thanks again to everyone that participated! You are all Give to the Max Day winners!

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